Welcome to the Lucky Dog Mastering Suite

Looking for advanced projects? The absolute best sound for you at prices you can afford. 

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  We are a full-function mastering and audio production suite.  We have the capabilities to produce superb levels of production at a very reasonable cost to you. How? Because of the increased ease of transporting media, we are able to cut overhead costs and turn those savings over to you, the client.


                              The guarantee you can't resist

We offer a 100% money - back guarantee. If you are not completely, 100% satisfied with your finished product, simply return the mastered disk within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. No held or hidden shipping and handling, restocking, or other made up fees. If you paid it, you will get it back. Still need help deciding? Let us help you. We will master 1 minute of your material for free so you can compare us to the competitors. 

We have over 30 years experience in the music industry. We are experienced in the realm of engineer, producer, musician, and educator. So spend a little time, ask a few questions if you'd like, and let us make your audio dreams a reality.Don't forget to check out the FAQs to find some information to get you started.


What others are saying about us

"You are exactly the kind of creative energies I love being around"

"You are the consummate professional. You're very easy to communicate with, very available to us, and the finished product shows it."

"What you do with the soundtrack is nothing less than genius" 

"How did you do that? No one else said it could be done?"

 "Sweet....its more perfect than I imagined"

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